Kaspersky Rescue Disc

Kaspersky rescue disc is used to remove severe malware or virus infection on computers that can’t be eliminated by other anti-virus or anti-malware programs. The ISO image of this program can be downloaded on the Internet. After done downloading, use a program for burning CD to create the rescue disc.

Features of the Rescue Disc of Kaspersky

  • Object Scan Settings Configuration – this tool allows you to change its security level, the actions that will be done on the deleted items, as well as change the types of objects for scanning. It also lets you create your scope for scanning, limit the time of scan, set default settings and change the method of scanning.
  • Databases Update Settings Configuration – it allows you to choose the source for update, select regional and proxy server settings. Furthermore, it permits rolling back to former databases.
  • Configuration of Other Settings – this tool lets you choose detection of certain types of threats and allows configuration of the notifications settings. It also allows specification of time for reports, quarantine and backup storage. Furthermore, it allows creation of trusted zone.

How to Scan Computer with the Rescue Disc

Virus and other malicious programs can cause inconvenience when using PC programs and the Internet. It may cause some of the software installed on the computer to stop running. It may also cause slowness and freezing, making it difficult to finish what you need to do on your PC. Other symptoms that your computer is infected are pop-ups that keep on appearing and home page being changed on the browser. When accessing sites online, you may be redirected to another page, which can be a nuisance. It may also block your access to the web. Anti-virus, firewall and other security programs may also be disabled. If the infection was not resolved by running an anti-virus or anti-malware program, the rescue disc from Kaspersky may resolve the problem. Here are the steps on how to run the disc and disinfect the computer.

  1. Insert the rescue disc on the CD-ROM drive of the computer and restart. You will be asked to press any key to enter the menu of the rescue disc. Hit any key on your keyboard immediately before the time runs out. If you were not able to hit any key and time runs out, the operating system will load as normal and you will be taken to the desktop.
  2. Various options will be listed on the menu of the rescue disc including Kaspersky Rescue Disc Graphic Mode, Kaspersky Rescue Disc Text Mode and Hardware Info. Other options included in the menu are Boot from Hard Disk, Reboot and Shut Down.
  3. Run a scan using the graphic mode or text mode. It’s best to use the graphic mode to make it easier for you to run the scan. The end user license agreement will be shown after selecting your mode. Type “a” if you agree to continue to the next screen.
  4. The main rescue disc window will appear. Click My Update Center tab then click on Start Update. This will download the latest anti-virus update from their website. This is a vital step to do before performing a scan to ensure that the program is up to date.
  5. Click the Objects Scan tab and select the drives to scan.
  6. Click Start Objects Scan.
  7. Once done with the scan you will be asked to disinfect, quarantine or delete the items found.